Dropcloth Samplers   is a line of hand-drawn embroidery samplers, printed and ready for you to jump in and start stitching right away.  Each pattern is hand drawn by Rebecca Ringquist in her Brooklyn studio, and printed for you to embroider with your own color and thread choices.  The first two samplers, Original and Sequel, were designed with the stitch names printed right on the cloth.  You stitch as you learn, creating a lasting reference for all future embroidery projects.  Two workshops were filmed based on these samplers, so you can stitch along with the sampler's designer, Rebecca Ringquist.  Click here to take the workshops.  Other designs offer less guidance, encouraging you to make decisions as you go, choosing colors and threads that suit your own tastes.  

For inspiration and to add your own stitched samplers to the pool, visit us on Instagram @dropcloth, and add your stitches using hashtag #dropclothsamplers


Original Sampler

This is the sampler that started it all.  It features fourteen easy to learn stitches, each clearly labeled.  Work on your own, or work alongside the designer in our Creativebug Workshop based on this pattern.   Click HERE to purchase.



Sequel Sampler

Once you've finished the Original Sampler, you're ready for the Sequel.  Each of these fifteen stitches are also clearly marked, serving as a teaching tool, and later as a reference for your future embroidery projects.  Work on your own or with the Creativebug Workshop based on this design.   Click HERE to purchase the sampler. 



Paisley Sampler

This sampler is jam packed with swirls and plumes, pre-printed and ready for you to hoop and stitch.  We stitched the example with lots of back stitch, chain stitch, running stitch and french knots.  You can choose your own stitches and colors as you go.  Click HERE to purchase the sampler.



Color Wheel Sampler

With a piece of the pie for each of twelve stitches, you'll learn as you go while working on the Color Wheel Sampler.  All but one of the stitches are explained in this ONLINE WORKSHOP.  We used perle cotton and embroidery floss for the example.  Click HERE to order.



Summer Lines Sampler

This sampler is made up of stripes of stitches.  We used running stitch, coral knots, sheaf stitch, chain stitch, couching, and more.  What stitches will you choose?  What colors will you use?  This one is open to interpretation in both stitch and thread choice.  Click HERE to purchase the sampler.



Love Sampler

This sampler was inspired by a poem by Mary Oliver.  Pick out your favorite colors and stitch this in your choice of stitches.  Click HERE to purchase.



Sunshine Sampler

Sunshine Sampler

This design comes printed on yellow fabric, full of flowers, starbursts, and other reminders of the summer sun.  We stitched ours in the dead of winter when sunshine was desperately needed.   Click HERE to order.