embroidery stitches

Secret Gardens....

When I decided to reach out for help on the Colorburst Samplers, I picked three stitchers whose work I admired.  Annri (aka @woolnest on Instagram!) was one of the three- and I believe that I screamed with joy when the envelope with this sampler arrived in the mail.  I would have never dreamed of stitching this one with woven picot's, but she did! Not only that, but for every woven picot, there's a satin stitched circle waiting underneath- a reward for looking closer and lifting up the flaps.  This sampler, you guys! I love it so much.  

I love drawing these little colorbursts, and when I do, I am thinking about stitches the whole time. However, the stitches I envision are often not what you all have in mind, and I LOVE THAT.  Watching these colorburst samplers pop up on instagram (#dropclothsamplers) is my favorite part of the job.  Thank you.  Thank you, thank you.

So- if you're a colorburst subscriber, you'll be getting one of these in the mail this month.  I can't wait to see how you'll stitch it.  I explain woven picot's in their entirety (they are really easy, despite how complicated they look when finished) in this video.  

If, on the other hand you are a Stitch of the Month subscriber, you'll be getting this little dazzler in the mail this month.  Get ready for Cross Stitches!  If you need help or inspiration, check out the Cross Stitch Pinterest Page that I made.  Lots of cool examples of non-traditional cross stitch there- including some made on chex cereal!