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Secret Gardens....

When I decided to reach out for help on the Colorburst Samplers, I picked three stitchers whose work I admired.  Annri (aka @woolnest on Instagram!) was one of the three- and I believe that I screamed with joy when the envelope with this sampler arrived in the mail.  I would have never dreamed of stitching this one with woven picot's, but she did! Not only that, but for every woven picot, there's a satin stitched circle waiting underneath- a reward for looking closer and lifting up the flaps.  This sampler, you guys! I love it so much.  

I love drawing these little colorbursts, and when I do, I am thinking about stitches the whole time. However, the stitches I envision are often not what you all have in mind, and I LOVE THAT.  Watching these colorburst samplers pop up on instagram (#dropclothsamplers) is my favorite part of the job.  Thank you.  Thank you, thank you.

So- if you're a colorburst subscriber, you'll be getting one of these in the mail this month.  I can't wait to see how you'll stitch it.  I explain woven picot's in their entirety (they are really easy, despite how complicated they look when finished) in this video.  

If, on the other hand you are a Stitch of the Month subscriber, you'll be getting this little dazzler in the mail this month.  Get ready for Cross Stitches!  If you need help or inspiration, check out the Cross Stitch Pinterest Page that I made.  Lots of cool examples of non-traditional cross stitch there- including some made on chex cereal!

A little Tennessee SALE!

Welp, I'm off on the road again today.  I'm flying down to Tennessee to teach a week long workshop at Arrowmont.  

Can't wait to meet my students and spend a week making thick layered embroidered drawings.   I love teaching so much, and it's been awhile....

I'll be gone for a week, and since this sampler business sadly doesn't run itself while I'm gone, I thought I'd pass a little discount on to everyone while I'm gone in appreciation of your patience.  The shop will stay OPEN but the orders will be a little delayed.  Please take 20% off from September 21-29 with the code TENNESSEE.   This includes everything.  If you've been thinking of subscribing or gifting subscriptions for the holidays, this sure would be an excellent time to do it.

*Please be sure to enter the coupon code while you're checking out.  I cannot offer retroactive discounts.  Thanks. :)

Newest Colorburst Embroidery: September...

A few months ago, Weeks Dye Works sent some threads to me to experiment with*   After much admiring, I finally got to work with them this month for the latest Colorburst Sampler:  **Rows of Rainbows**.  

I first used their hand dyed quilting thread in my BERNINA to cover some of the thin lines (see above pictures) and then used their size 8 hand dyed perle cotton for the rest of the stitches (running stitch, couching, and a little back stitch).  The pink yarn couched down around the border is a rogue knitting wool from my editor, Melanie.   

I'm so curious to see if any of you will use your machines on this sampler or others. The straight stitch makes such a beautiful line! My machine also does a sort of double straight stitch which (surprise!) is twice as thick and twice as nice.   You may want to slow your machine's speed down a bit (easy peasy on the BERNINA) when sewing on something so specific.  It helped me quite a bit.  I also recommend a stiff embroidery stabilizer on the backside to keep your fabric from bunching up.  I get mine here.   Try a little sample fabric first to get your speed and stitch length adjusted to your liking.  

These shipped out yesterday (so did the Stitch of the Month *Cross Stitch* Samplers), complete with Circus and Harvey Milk stamps.  The USPS stamp designers are really making me happy these days.  Can't wait to see what else is in store!

*this is all in an effort to select threads to send to YOU, dear subscribers.  Soon, soon.  

Colorbursts and Satin Stitches- Packed and Ready!

Your subscriptions (almost two hundred!)  packed up and ready to go!  
Colorburst Seeds in Progress
My version, stitched with Dyed Fiber threads
My Mom's version, stitched with DMC floss.   

Flower thread for everyone!

Hello there!  Long time no talk! If you are following me on instagram, you know that I was in California for a week or two at the end of July, teaching at A Verb for Keeping Warm, and kicking around the bay area with my good friends.   I paid a visit to Creativebug, ate at my favorite restaurant, and shivered because I failed to pack properly and once again did not anticipate the coldness that is San Francisco in August.  Whoops.

Since I got back I've been slowly chipping away at packing up this month's orders.  It's a great month!  Both Colorburst and Stitch of the Month subscribers get a free skein of Flower Thread, as well as a color chart and a free cross stitch pattern from the same company.  Have you stitched with this stuff before?  It is an un-mercerized cotton that makes a beautiful thin line on your fabric.  I think you're really going to like it.  

Believe it or not I am headed back to California tomorrow for a wedding, so orders are shipping out TODAY! A little earlier than usual.  Enjoy!     

Chain Chain Chain!

Through somewhat of a coincidence, both of this month's subscriptions focus on chain stitches.  The Stitch of the Month sampler explores a few variations on this simple stitch, and the Colorburst subscription has circles of chain around the border.  Of course, with that one, you could choose NOT to do that part as chain stitch.  They could be filled-in ovals of satin stitch, or tiny little bunches of french knots, or tiny back stitches, or, or, or.....

You can see my mom's version up top (along with a few other upcoming colorbursts out on her clothesline in Michigan), and my (yet to be finished version) in my messy studio in Brooklyn.

This version (below) of the Chain Stitch Sampler is from Sherie on Instagram.   I am amazed (AMAZED!) at how many of you have stitched the text onto these samplers.  It looks so good!

Finally- Thank you to everyone who ordered samplers and subscriptions during our annual summer sale.  There are lots of new subscribers in the mix now (welcome!)  

Stitch of the Month Subscriptions shipped out this morning.  Colorburst Subscriptions will mail out tomorrow (I had to print more after that summer sale added a ton of new stitchers!).

Get your needles ready- and send me your pictures!  #dropclothsamplers