October Samplers- Pinks and Picots!

Hello October!

Pink! This month, get out your pinks!  I love the way @funyoungs stitched up the sample version of this month's Colorburst Sampler.  She stitched it with french knots, running stitches, and back stitches, with a satin stitched and stem stitched border.  It's so fancy!  I love the tri-color pink border.   

BTW- My Matryoshka Doll thread winder is from Girl on the Rocks.  She's not making them anymore, but you can get a funny bearded fellow to organize your floss. 

Stitch of the Month Subscribers- how are you doing?  I love seeing full sets of these samplers, like this stunner collection by @cmhornung .  This month, get ready for raised stitches (shown here- it's the third from the left in the top row. Check out the Pinterest Board I created for these stitches for diagrams, how-to's, and some fun inspiration, including a Woven Picot Corn Cob!