November Samplers: Rainbows and Weavings....

Sampler of the Month Subscribers, this month, we're working on Weaving Stitches.  Having grown up with a mom who made weavings for a living, I am familiar with looms (although I don't really know how to use them with any proficiency). These embroidered woven stitches are teeny tiny, and much less daunting then a large scale loom project.  I love the way they pop off the cloth, creating three dimensional shapes.  For how to's, diagrams, and inspiration, check out the Pinterest Board I created for Weaving Stitches.   Here's an overview of the board:

And here's a preview of the Weaving Stitches Sampler:

Meanwhile, in Colorburst news, in this dark month of the year, I'm sending out rainbows!  I love the way @funyoungs stitched this version up with  (french knot) clouds in the sky, and a beautiful satin stitch rainbow.  Check out that variegated cross stitched border! Snazzy!