Happy New Year Stitchers!

Happy New Year, Stitchers!  I'm happy to be bringing you a brand new Colorburst Sampler this month.  It's bright and colorful and stripy, so even if your weather leaves something to be desired, hopefully these stitches can match the spirit of optimism of this time of year.  This month's sample was stitched by @woolnest, and you can see her progress (which she did last summer) below.  I love being able to see the backside, don't you?

Can't wait to see how you all stitch your versions.  Will you use satin stitch and blanket stitches and a couched border like this one, or go you own way?  Show me! I love seeing all the different versions pop up on Instagram.  Just tag your sampler with #dropclothsamplers to join the group.

Stitch of the Month Subscribers, this month, I'm shipping out the Couching Stitches Sampler.  It's one of my favorite samplers, and favorite stitches, largely because it's so EASY.  Almost any thread (or yarn) can be couched with a big enough needle (or no needle at all).   Pull out your remnants from knitting projects- or unravel a little yarn from that sweater in your goodwill pile.  For couching inspiration, check out the Pinterest Board I created.   (Filling Stitches that are peeking out underneath are coming soon!)