Green Stripes and Family Feather Stitches....

Hi there stitchers!  This month's colorburst sample was stitched by @woolnest, who you may remember from the Secret Garden fame.  Remember those Woven Picots?  This one doesn't disappoint either, with stripes of stair stepped green and blue.  She stitched hers with stem stitched pops of color, filled running stitches, and satin stitches stair steps.  All that and an awesomely complicated blanket stitched border.  I'm in love.    

Stitch of the month club subscribers, you'll be getting the Feather Stitches Sampler in the mail.  I picked that stitch family for December, since I associate it with crazy quilts, and my family has a beautiful old crazy quilt stitched by my Grandpa's aunts, with "merry christmas and happy new year" stitched into the patchwork.  I love it so much.  Speaking of my family, my mom stitched the version shown here.  She stitched all the monthly samplers and then sewed them into this amazing book, with quilted pages and hand dyed (I dyed the fabric forever ago) borders and backing.  Thanks, Mom!

As usual, for inspiration, how-to's, and diagrams, visit the Pinterest Page I created for this category of stitches here.