July Subscriptions & A Big Move....

Over many months, there's been plotting behind the scenes here.  My wife Katy and I have been trying to leave New York for awhile.  While it was certainly generous to us- I wrote a book! I met so many amazing friends! I had an amazing studio with awesome neighbors! It was not really ever a great fit for either one of us.  I love hiking, I love being outdoors, and equally as much I love being at home, cooking good food and in general being a world class nester and homebody. These are not the characteristics of most New Yorkers....

Last week, we moved to Portland, Oregon!  There are so many nuts and bolts to work out, too many to name here without giving myself a small heart attack, but hikes have already been had, and nesting has already started, if not actually, at least conceptually.   I think I'm really going to like it here.   

Amid the hustle and bustle of packing, sampler subscriptions got sent out very early this month. Some of you have probably received and finished them by now, you speedy stitchers you. Because I just moved to Portland, and because this place seems obsessed with the Thai restaurant Pok Pok, the Colorburst of the month is called Pop Pop.  

Pop Pop (1 of 1).jpg

The stitch of the month sampler is Chain Stitches.    I hope you guys love them, and I hope you're tagging them online with #dropclothsamplers  I've been seeing lots of great examples pop up in my instagram feed, including quite a few being stitched poolside, which makes me so, so happy, and so, so ready to join you.  Get the lemonade ready!  

One more thing---as you can imagine, it is taking awhile to get settled here, and to get all the stock from one side of the country to another.  We moved a big distance!  So, the shop is open, but orders will not be shipped out until July 25th.  As a result, I'm having a big sale!  Please take advantage of the moving sale by saving 20% off of every single thing.   Use code PORTLAND2015  Thank you!