Thoughts on Embroidery Tools & A Giveaway from Hedgehog Handworks!

Oftentimes, I have said that one of the best things about embroidery is its relative frugalness. Compared to say, oil painting, the supplies that you need to get started in embroidery are rather inexpensive.  After raiding your collection of embroidery threads* from junior high 1980's era friendship bracelets (did you have one of those?) and rounding up whatever needles and scissors are nearby, you'll need a hoop and...well, that's it.  

However, just because embroidery doesn't HAVE to necessitate beautiful tools, it sure doesn't mean that you can't use them.  The right scissors can make all the difference.  A few years ago, when I was working on a submission for Bibliocraft, author and librarian (and friend!) Jessica Pigza told me about Hedgehog Handworks, a needlework supplier in California. After spending some time on their website, I included it in the recommended resources of my own book.  This small business stocks heirloom quality threads, embroidery tools, and more. They've graciously given me two of my favorite tools to give to one of you, dear readers.

Included in this giveaway are: a pair of French (Red!) Embroidery scissors.  These are sharp, beautiful, and will surely be the envy of your friends.  Don't let your kids cut paper with them!

Second, Hedgehog included a little beeswax hedgehog, perfect for waxing your thread ends when you're threading needles, or for conditioning your entire length of thread for a stiffer line quality.   This is no cheap wax, when you open the box that it comes in, the beautiful smell of honey wafts out.  It's tiny, but it's more than enough to last for years and years.

Lastly, I'm throwing in a copy of my book!  The reviews are coming in on Amazon (thank you!) and I'm so happy that you all like it.  I poured a lot of myself into this project, and it's so satisfying to see it pop up on Instagram and Facebook and Google....Thank you thank you, Thank You.


To enter to win this contest, leave a comment telling me your favorite embroidery tool, be it low end from the thrift store, or high end heirloom quality tool.  Be sure to include your e-mail address so I can get in touch with you if you win!  This contest is open only to Domestic Addresses. Enter by Friday, May 22nd.  I'll announce the winners the following week.  One comment per person please.   Good luck!




*Have you heard of the embroidery artist Ray Matterson, an ex-con who started embroidering in prison with unravelled socks? His works are incredible....