Running Reds and Blanket Stitches

I'm a little behind this month.  There's a lot going on around here- new packaging, a new website, and another one in the works for this space, as well as a book launch that I'm planning.....So, the samplers went out just a little late, but this little post is getting up much later. By this time, subscribers, except those in Australia (but maybe even you, Aussies) should have these samplers in your hands if not your hoops.  

Running Reds went out to Colorburst Subscribers.  I stitched mine 100% with running stitches in various threads (with a few little tucks over some of the bigger stitches as you can see below, which maybe makes them into couched stitches.)

I was so excited to see my friend Stephanie's on Instagram- especially because hers is stitched with Bullion knots.  Bullion!  That is one tricky stitch, and my hat goes off to her.  

Stitch of the month subscribers got Blanket Stitches in their mailbox.  For stitch suggestions, how-to's, and inspiration, check out my Blanket Stitches board on Pinterest.