Sampler Subscription Updates & Naming Contest

This week, I'm mailing out samplers to all of the subscribers.  If you are in the Stitch of the Month club, you'll get the couching sampler- which comes with thick knitting yarns this month.  I'm including two colors of yarns for everyone- but there's room for more on your sampler.  If you're a knitter, you'll have no trouble at all.  If not, you probably know a knitter.  OR, you can use embroidery floss that has not been separated, or size 3 perle cotton, or ribbons, or a bit of an unraveled sweater.  Couching is so flexible.

The biggest news in the Stitch of the Month club is that I've created Stitch specific Pinterest boards with stitch diagrams, inspiration, and instagram photos of your samplers for each month.  You can find all of them here, and a link to this month's couching board here.  Follow along - I'm adding new pins every single day.  If you've got a pin that you think would be a great addition to the boards, send me a Pinterest message or shoot me an email.

If you are in the Colorburst Club, you'll get this new design:

I stitched my version with a combination of DMC size 8 Perle Cotton, and Valdani Size 8 Perle cotton (which is a little thinner than DMC's)  I used running stitch, backstitch and chain stitch, and I stitched mine from the jury duty waiting room.

This sampler is yet to be named: what would you call it?  Leave a comment below with your suggestions, and if yours is used, I'll sign you up for a three month subscription (or extend your existing subscription.)

I am working on the next twelve month's of Colorbursts- they will be ALL NEW, so if you subscribed for a year at the beginning, you can renew and keep on getting new samplers every month.

As always, thank you so much to all the subscribers out there.  I love making samplers for you.