Three Things New York....

The Cloisters.  I am sure that there's an ode to this place somewhere in the history of this blog, but it really is one of my favorite places in NYC.  A long subway ride from Brooklyn, but a world away from anything that feels like NYC, getting off the subway and walking into Fort Tyron park is more like stepping into Tuscany.  On weekdays especially, this is one of the quietest, most peaceful places in Manhattan.   

Lately the weather here in New York City has been reminding me of the cool breezy summers I spent growing up in Western Michigan.   Normally it is hot and muggy and utterly disgusting by now, but this year has been something of a gift, with cool breezes at night, and sweet smelling air in the park.  I've been trying to get up and go for a walk in the morning in Prospect Park, and everytime I do it gives me a new lease on life in this crazy city.  Finding quiet, and nature, and  short little escapes is key to my sanity.  

A few weekends ago, Katy and I went hiking at Gertrude's Nose with these guys.  It was so much fun! Hiking with experts that offer advice, delicious lunch made right on the trail, and transportation? Amazing.  Not having to look at a map or plan anything at all? Priceless.  Can't wait to take another hike with them.    

Finally, sewing meets sidewalk!  On Sunday, my friend Nancy came over for a beer, and shortly after she left she called to tell me that she had found this gem on the sidewalk down the street.  Stiff and dusty and in major need of an overhaul, this machine was, nonetheless, really beautiful.  If I didn't already have three machines (two of which are also in need of MAJOR work), I would have hauled this one home.  I hope someone found it who will give it a good life.    

What about you? Are you sewing with an old beautiful relic like this one, or do you prefer a new model?  I was a diehard fan of old machines until I got my new BERNINA.