Three Things New York...

This month I'm taking some time to refuel and gather inspiration from the city of New York.  I'm making some new artwork on my new BERNINA, and to do so, I've been out gathering ideas and images around town. 

Yesterday, I took a tram ride out to Roosevelt Island.  What a treat! It was approximately 15 degrees cooler there, and practically desolate, but not in the creepy way exepcted, since it is home to an abandoned smallpox hospital.  It's beautiful!  I sat and ate my trail mix and looked out at barges and tug boats going by and really enjoyed myself.  And the trams that take you there? They feel like a fun amusement park ride, and you can use your metro card!  Loved it.

I can't believe it could possibly be true that I haven't mentioned Zabar's by now.  This place!  I love it so much.  Katy and I go to Zabar's quite often to get picnic food for an afternoon in Central Park, and every New Year's Eve we make a trek up to Zabar's to get our holiday spread of smoked fish and babka.  I wandered in last week when I was up in that neighborhood to see the Bill Cunningham Exhibit at the New York Historical Society.  It was my first time visiting that museum, and while I thought the Bill Cunningham exhibit was ok, their permanent collections are amazing, and I can't wait to go back!  Anyway, the upper west side never seems to disappoint, and as soon as I make it big in New York, I really look forward to buying a brownstone up that way and becoming a regular shopper at Zabar's.   

Finally, Roses! They are in bloom in every shape and color in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Big bright showy bursts of color on every block.  This bright collection was next to the tram station on Roosevelt Island yesterday.  Delightful!