Three things New York (Brooklyn!)....

1.) Yesterday, I finally made a date with myself to go to the Brooklyn Art Library. I spent the afternoon looking at sketchbooks and poking around Williamsburg.  At the library, you can search by artist, title, type, style, etc.  I first searched for my friend Courtney Cerruti's book.  Each time you request a book off the shelves, they bring you the book you asked for and a random book.  It was so much fun to sit inside on a dreary day and look through book after book. Besides Courntey's, my favorite ended up being a book that was a random selection, this one by Marya DeBlasi from Columbus, Oh.  Have you been to this special collection?  Would you submit a sketchbook?

2.) While I was in Williamsburg, I was excited to remember while walking along, that it is the home of Mast Brothers Chocolates.  I stopped in to their beautiful store and tried a few.  I can't wait to go back for the factory tour.     I'm not sure if it's still true, but their chocolate used to arrive by wind powered sailing ships.

3.) Honeysuckle!  It is out everywhere right now.  Katy and I had dinner the other night at Brookvin, surrounded by Honeysuckle in the back garden. The food was ok, but the garden?  Amazing!  I love this time of year before it gets too hot.  The air in New York smells so good these days.