Three Things New York

Well, it's been awhile since I've uploaded three things.  In that time, New York has blossomed into summer.  It's that time of year that I wish I could bottle and clone.  It's not too hot, and it's not very cold.  It's warm, with a cool breeze.  It's not yet muggy and oppressive.  We're sleeping with the windows open!  The lilacs have come and gone, but, miracle of miracles, there were some at the farmer's market this weekend, having been driven in from the north.  There were Lily of the Valley too, and even though they were ten dollars and lasted only a few days, they were worth it.  I stopped and smelled them every single time I walked past them, sitting in a little mason jar in my bedroom.  They reminded me of Michigan.....

One of the most challenging things about living in New York is of course the lack of space.  It has made me think differently about what I purchase, knowing that anything that comes in is going to take up space and likely mean that something else has to go out.  Getting rid of things is a real pain in the ass sometimes, because you can only take out the trash and recycling on certain days.  Of course, this leads to some beautiful collections, as I've mentioned before.   I passed these sticks last week on my way home from work, all tied up with red strings and they made my heart skip a beat.  How beautiful!  I've seen lots of these stick bundles here, and brooms too, can you imagine?  Bundles of brooms, worn out to the point that there's no bristles left, tied up in collections on the street.
 Finally, on a totally unrelated note; pastries.  One night a few weeks ago I was out on a little solo adventure in the east village.  I got fries and mayonnaise for dinner at  Pommes Frites, and sat on the steps of the Ukrainian Church and ate them.  I went to the movies and saw something so bad it was good, and finally, late at night before I took the train back, I stopped and bought a tiny box full of pastries for Katy at Veniero's.  Have you been there?  I don't even eat most of the stuff in there, but it makes me so happy to look at it, and to take photographs, and to buy a few, which they tie up with bakers twine & white boxes.   Twenty varieties of miniature cream filled pastries to choose from on a Thursday night? That's pretty cool. All right, New York, I get it.