My new adventure...

I am so happy to be able to share with you that I recently was selected to be a BERNINA ambassador.  I can't tell you how excited I am.  I'm sure my studio mates are sick of hearing my gasps of shock and awe at all that this little (acutally quite big) puppy can do.

I picked out my new machine at City Quilter, and was so lucky to have Chrissie help me out.  I explained to her the kind of work that I do, and she gently guided me to the B750 QE, which I'll admit I was skeptical about.  It's HUGE, and beautiful, and seemed a little too complicated.  But, oh. my. god.  I am in love.    I told Katy that it feels like I have gone from a used 1970's Datsun (er, second hand Viking) to a brand new Maserati.  This machine is making all my sewing dreams come true.

Last week I took my introductory class at City Quilter and learned how to use all its features, including all three of its thread cutters, its automatic needle up/down settings, and automatic thread cutter.  Mind:Blown.  I learned how to use all the feet, but most importantly I learned how to use the BSR foot, which I have not stopped using since it arrived in the studio.  Deadlines? What deadlines?  Important photographs that I was supposed to work on setting up last week?  Why bother?  I have made more artwork in the last two weeks than I did in the last six months.  I'm thrilled, THRILLED!  (Rest assured, said deadlines, I'm coming for you this week)

I'll be sharing more about my experience with this machine throughout the coming year.   In the meantime, I'm curious, do any of you have a BERNINA?  Anyone out there also have the B750 QE?  What are your favorite features?