Three Things New York...Rooftop Edition!

Quickly before I get serious about putting everything in my suitcase to go the Makerie, I wanted to give you three things I'm loving about New York right now.  I haven't done it in a few weeks, and to be honest, I was looking and not finding anything. My winter jacket gave up the fight last week when a snap just plain fell off.  I was sick of wearing it, and I think it was sick of being worn (I'm off to Steinlauf and Stoller's next week to get that snap replaced...).

And then, the season changed.  The daffodils bloomed!  I got to wear my spring jacket!  Everyone started smiling again!

So, three things.

1.) Rooftops!  I don't always love how close together everyone is here, but up on the rooftops, I love the way I am always reminded of the dancing chimney sweep scene in Mary Poppins.  Katy and I go up on top of ours at midnight on New Year's eve to watch the fireworks in Prospect Park and scream and shout and listen to everyone else making a racket with their noisemakers and shouting good wishes into the ether.  For one night, and for one moment, we don't mind the noise!  It always feels so romantic and old fashioned.    I just came down from the roof where I took this panoramic snap shot this afternoon.  Can you believe that sky?  It's beautiful today!

2.) Watertowers.  They have become the symbol of Brooklyn.  You can see them from every rooftop.

3.) Finally, on an unrelated note: Aire!  I spent the earlier part of today at this spa, blissed out in the salt pool, floating motionless and feeling like I was in outer space.  I used a gift card that I got for my birthday (in July, I sure stretched that party out!).  It's so sunny and beautiful outside, so I had the place mostly to myself.  If you're in town visiting I highly recommend this splurge worthy experience.  If you're a New Yorker, you gotta go.  This place is quiet, posh, and super chill.  A tonic for the crazy of NYC.

I'll see you next week!  Meanwhile, I'll be instagraming in Colorado at the Makerie.  Follow along @dropcloth.

P.S. A big THANK YOU to everyone who ordered Color Burst subscriptions.  I'll be packing them up and shipping them out on Tuesday.  There's still time to join this month.