The First Color-Burst: Bubblegum!

I spent this morning packing up subscriptions and getting them ready to head out to you*.  I can't wait to see how everyone is going to embroider this first design, which I'm calling bubblegum.   I thought it would be fun to show you some in progress photographs of this one, although if you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen some of these.  I've gotta tell you, this one was so much fun to stitch...
I stitched the dots in the center with vintage silk button twist (or is it button hole twist? I can never keep the two straight), and the outside lines with a combination of Valdani perle cotton, and Dyedfiber hand dyed perle Tencel*.  

 Check out this version that my mom stitched! I love how it looks completely different by using chain stitch instead of backstitch.  Great job, mom!  Speaking of other versions, everyone that came to The Makerie got a Color Burst in their goody bag- if you got this one, post a link in the comments when you start working on it so we can all see how you're doing it!

*PS- Stay tuned next week for a chance to win a collection of Dyed Fiber threads!

PSS- Due to the printing taking a little longer than I thought, I'll be sending samplers out tomorrow and Friday, which means that if you want to get in on the fun this month, there is still time!