Introducing: Color Burst Embroidery Subscriptions!

It started with the Makerie.  I was invited to teach a workshop there this year, and I started sketching up ideas.  One day last summer when I was sitting in my studio wondering about what to teach in Colorado, I stared straight ahead of me at a wall of patches that I had collected.  The patch class I’m teaching a week from Saturday was born, and so was a nagging feeling that patches could keep going in other ways in the studio.

It also started with a text message from my friend Jackie earlier this year,  it was a photo of a drawing that she was making.  It was a beautiful drawing, but it gave me a little twinge of jealousy. My new year’s, (monthly, weekly, daily) resolution, had been to  start drawing again after a long break, and I wasn’t.   Then Jackie and I talked on the phone and she said something that really stuck with me about her own drawings.  “I realized that they didn’t need to be a big deal, I could just draw in a notebook for fun”  Yeah!  Immediately I started doodling, just for fun, for no big deal.

We started sending each other photos of what we were working on, and I started amassing a huge collection of drawings on my studio wall.  Some of them were pretty bad, but some of them I liked a lot.  One day while I was painting in the studio it clicked- this collection of drawings could become a new series of samplers, and their small size led me to think that maybe this series could be dreamed up as a collection of patches.  So, after many iterations, and more than a few flopped designs and prints, I am so happy to bring you this new collection.  With many thanks to my good friend in California for getting the ball rolling……

Introducing: Color Burst Sampler Subscription!  From lots and lots of pen and ink and gouache drawings came this collection of twelve samplers, each handmade by me in my Brooklyn studio and printed for you to stitch. Subscriptions are now available in three, six, and twelve increments. I hope you'll join the fun!

This collection is making its debut as the follow up to last year’s popular  Stitch Sampler Subscription.  Each design is hand drawn and painted by me in my Brooklyn studio using pen and ink and gouache.  Not all designs make it to the printing process, but twelve did!  These small samplers started out life as patches, but I quickly realized that they have a lot more potential.  Will yours be the center of a quilt block, a coaster, a collection of patches, the beginning of a pieced pillow?  I can’t wait to see what everyone does…..

Each month, I'll mail you a brand new sampler, available only to subscribers, based on a unique drawing.  Each three to five inch sampler fits perfectly into a five inch hoop, and can easily be completed in a month's time- just in time for the next one to arrive!   These small embroidery samplers make the perfect on the go project.

Samplers will ship on the 15th of each month starting April 15th (order by the 10th to be included in the current month). The designs are available only to subscribers (they cannot be purchased individually)

The design size ranges from 3-5" round, and the fabric they are printed on is approximately 5-7" square, 100% Cotton.  

Each month I’ll tell what threads and stitches I used on the blog. I can’t wait to see how you stitch yours!