Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hello again! I spent the last week in New Hampshire, nestled into a cabin on the top of a mountain where we were literally snowed in. We had no phone lines, no internet, no wireless signals, and Thanksgiving morning we woke up to snow which made it impossible for us to drive down the mountain.  It was magnificent.  We cooked delicious food, read books, worked on a crossword puzzle book, and slept the sleeps of champions.   I am so grateful to have had a little time to unplug all the way.  I recommend it.   It's so rare these days.

When the snow cleared a bit the next day, we ventured out for pancakes at Polly's, which you must go to, and stumbled on this sign on a country road.  It led to a gift shop which I was not so crazy about, but Katy was nice enough to pull over on our way back so I could get this photo.   Sampler!

I returned yesterday to an overflowing inbox of e-mails and to do lists, and a blog post with lots of comments.  Thank you to everyone who commented and posted on pinterest- I appreciate it!   I used Randomizer to pick a number, and it chose #9.  I'll be emailing the Sunshine Embroidery Sampler winner today.