Gift List and a giveaway.....

One of the many aspirations I had for this month was to write a comprehensive gift guide for the embroiderer on your list, full of things like golden bird scissors and special french embroidery floss.  You can probably imagine it.  I am sure that Purl Soho has done this list.  Creativebug put out a cool one on their blog too.  I have been busy, and by that I mean that every second of my day has been spent working on the book for next week's photo shoot, so, maybe next year I'll make that guide.  But! I have been thinking about gift giving while I work, and I have a few simple ideas.

1)  If you've taken one of my workshops you've probably already heard me suggest this first one. Do you know someone who sews or embroiders?  A great gift for this person is a pin cushion full of threaded needles.  I say this because I know that a pin cushion full of threaded needles would put a smile on my face.  I dream of the day when the needle threading fairies visit my studio each night, but until then, I thread those suckers myself.  So, for the sewist (sewer, embroiderer, mender, grandma) on your list- get threading!  Use whatever needles and threads you have on hand.  Or, go nuts and use some beautiful french floss. Put it over the top by sticking all the needles in one of Cal's pin cushions.   This is a great gift because it is thoughtful, inexpensive, and requires you to sit and watch a Christmas movie while you make it.  I recommend the original Home Alone.

2)  If you are a Creativebug subscriber, make this Needle Holder to go with all those threaded needles!  This class just got released today.  It is a fast and easy project.  It requires felt, fabric, and a bit of ribbon.   This one's only available to subscribers, so......

3)  A Subscription to Creativebug makes a great gift.  If you know someone who likes to make things, I highly recommend an unlimited subscription.  There are all sorts of amazing workshops, and new ones get added every single week.  Last week Kelly's Holiday Preserves workshop went live.  I'm out of time to make her Bitters for everyone on my list this year, but I'm thinking no one will complain if I hand them out this spring.  Fig and orange bitters in bourbon cocktails?  Yes please.


I am happy to announce that I have TWO Creativebug subscriptions to give away to you, dear reader.  Simply leave a  comment telling me which class(es) you'd like to take, and I'll send you one three month subscription for you, and one for your best friend (or sister, or dad, whoever...)*

So tell me, what would you take?  Good luck!   Contest ends Sunday night, December 15th......

Winner!  Jen Barlev- I just e-mail you the good news and sent your  e-mail on to Creativebug.  Congrats!

*for this contest (and only this contest), your e-mail will be shared with Creativebug.