Postcards from Snowfarm....and applesauce!

I'm back in Brooklyn.  I had a great time teaching at Snowfarm last week in western Mass.  It felt so good to be away from the city for a little while, and what a great group of women came to embroider.  I'm so glad to have met you all!  If you were in my workshop (hello!) please feel free to post pictures of what you made in my workshop Flickr group.  I love to see how things develop post workshop.

Snowfarm is located on the site of an old orchard, so I came home with two bushels of heirloom apples, which are currently being turned into three different kinds of applesauce, including the one I've listed here.  I've got so many apples still, and my freezer is getting quite full.  What would you do with an overabundance of apples?  If you've got a recipe, please share a link!

Vanilla Prune Applesauce

To your crockpot, add:

8-10 cups of apples, quartered and cored but not peeled
A vanilla bean, split
A handful of dark brown sugar
A cup of pitted prunes

Cook on low for 8 hours until apples are soft.

Remove the vanilla bean and press through a food mill.  

Freeze in small cups to enjoy all winter.