Drips on Purpose!

Recently, I've gotten a few notes from customers who have purchased the color wheel sampler.   These notes have come in the form of worry.  "My sampler has an orange drip on it!" "My sampler has an orange stain on it!"  I'm popping in this morning to say: The orange drip is on purpose!  ALL the color wheel samplers have that orange drip.  The original design for this and every sampler was hand drawn by me, and filled in with watercolor paints.  I held it up on it's side to make that drip run down the page on purpose!   I like the asymmetry of it.

However! In the spirit of making this sampler your own (drip worriers) you could: cover the drip in white satin stitches.  You could applique a white piece of fabric over the top of it.  You could frame the finished sampler in a round frame to obliterate it.   There are lots of ways to complete this design.  What would you do?