More Cross Stitch Notes....

Hello again! I wanted to tell you more about cross stitches last Friday, but I was rushing to get out the door and catch a plane to Chicago.  I'm back!

You'll notice that the cross stitch sampler that I sent out last week is not printed on Aida cloth.  It's just the plain old cotton that all the samplers are printed on.  In fact, some cross stitch enthusiasts might not even consider those stitches cross stitches.....and well, they might be right, but they are stitches, and they are made by forming crosses.  I hope you like them.  In addition to being able to stitch all manner of cross stitches (from neat and tidy to loose and messy) on any kind of fabric you like, there's another way to make cross stitches that I'd like to tell you about; waste canvas.   This stuff allows you to make a gridded design over the top of something that is not gridded- eg: any fabric at all.  Here I added it to an already embroidered piece of fabric, and used it to cross-stitch a flower.

You can check out a simple how-to over here, and for a fun project, I recommend Anna Maria Horner's workshop on Creativebug (featured here.)  Which reminds me- I have a new Creativebug workshop too; here's a link to the Embroidered Skirt.