Cross Stitch Sampler

In a week that has been up and down and all over the place in the weather department, it is finally back to fall weather.  I sent out all the September subscriptions today and yesterday.  If you are a subscriber, it's time to get your needles threaded!  This month the collection is cross stitches, and this month's sampler (like all the monthly samplers) was stitched by my mom.  Check out her amazing ric-rac border.  I will have more to say about cross-stitches next week.

I'm feeling so grateful this week to all the people that have helped me out in one way or another with my business, etc. this year.  Most especially my mom and Angela, who leaves tonight to go back to her hat business in Chicago.  With her help this week in the studio, I got more done than I thought would be humanly possible.  She is amazing; the fastest embroiderer, the most skilled seamstress, the funniest Italian I have ever met.  It will be a sad morning on Monday to head back to the studio without her.

I hope you all have an excellent fall weekend.  Is it time for donuts and cider yet?  Soon.........

PS- I've got a handful of extra samplers this month.  Fall is a great time to start embroidering!   Here's a link to purchase.