Thank You.....

Holy cow, you all really know how to make a vacationing girl feel good.  That week that I spent in Michigan was a much needed vacation.  If you've never been to western Michigan in the summer, you really should try it out.  The cool lake breezes, the dunes, the fried fish?  It's all pretty amazing.  My Grandma liked to tell people that she had travelled all over the country, to many of the national parks, and that she was so happy that she had settled on living in western Michigan, because she really believed that it was the most beautiful place in the country.  In the middle of the summer, when it's a cool 75 with an offshore breeze, it's hard to disagree with her.  I feel pretty lucky that my family lives there and that I get to vacation there with all of them every summer.

My vacation was made all the sweeter as I checked my shop everyday and saw that many of you were buying my samplers!  Thank you to all you new embroiderers!  I got back last week and spent a crazed three days shipping out orders all over the globe.  I've been thinking a lot about all those samplers today, as many of you have been writing to tell me that they're arriving.  I like to imagine the collective embroidery party that is happening as you all get out your hoops and start stitching.  Thank you, thank you for making what I do possible, and thank you for inspiring me to keep drawing new patterns for you all to stitch.......there's more to come this summer. Stay tuned!

PS- in the spirit of a collective emroidery party- please do tag!  If you're on instagram or twitter, use #dropclothsamplers  Thanks!