Out of Print Samplers, and a Summer Sale!

Once, many years ago, I went to Vermont with my then girlfriend and her family to stay at their cottage up in the mountains.  It was beautiful.  There were cupboards full of blue willow china, and kayaks, and late night swims, and a general store. But the thing that made the most lasting impression on me was the freezer, down a long dirt road, that was full of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  Nailed to the side of the freezer was a can, where you put your money to pay for your ice cream.

Where I grew up, there are similar situations set up for asparagus, or cherries, or zucchini, but ice cream? In the middle of a field in a deep freeze, and not only that but Ben and Jerry's?  It was pretty dreamy, and it convinced me that New England was an ok place to vacation.

Man o man have I been dreaming about a mountain (er, make that an ocean) cottage lately.  New York is sweltering hot right now.  The humidity the last time I checked was about 1000%.  It's the kind of summer weather that makes me want to take about fifteen showers a day.

Which is why I'm so excited to go to Michigan today, to spend a long week on the big lake, and to soak in every breath of fresh air that I can.

While our housesitter is amazing at keeping the plants alive, she will not be shipping out orders, so I'm stopping by here to tell you about my own tin can policy.  I'm leaving the store open, and all orders starting now will ship out on July 9th.  You can take 20% off everything with the code MICHIGANSUMMER until then.

I also wanted to tell you that I uncovered a small pile of discontinued Cake and Chain Stitch Special samplers from way back while I was moving into the new space last month, and I thought I'd add those to the shop today before I take off.  These are in limited supply, and will most likely not be reprinted*, so get them while they are hot and on sale!    Click over to the shop to see what's what.  There are a few colors of each.

*I'm thinking of maybe reprinting the Cake Sampler on pink again if there's interest.  What do you think?  

PS- To see one of my favorite versions of the Chain Stitch Special sampler, check out Suzanne Reynold's blog.....

PSS- As far as I know Susan Anderson's contest is still going....make sure you get your hat in the ring!