Girl Scout Quilt

A few months ago, I spent the weekend up north in the Hudson Valley, bopping around the country roads and wandering in and out of antique shops.  I saw one of my favorite artists, Maira Kalman, I ate some really good food, and I found this quilt.    It was right after my Grandma, who was an enthusiastic girl scout leader, had died, and I was so excited to find it.  This quilt is in pretty bad shape, with lots of holes.  Whoever made it, or whoever it was made for clearly loved it and slept under it for a long time.  The embroidery is tattered and worn, leaving just traces of images in some areas.  I think that made me love it even more.  I love things that are used up- with visible signs of their users.  I especially love the raccoon in the second to last photograph.

As you might remember, I'm working on a quilt made out of my Grandma's collection of house coats.  I'm still working on all the hand quilting, although it has been on the back burner for a few weeks now while I tackle some other projects.   My mom is making a quilt in honor of my Grandma too, and wanted to find some Girlscout images.  So, mom, here you go.