Happy New Year, and a deadline.......

Happy New Year everybody!  This year, the holidays felt more welcome than ever.  I had a very busy December, and relished almost every minute of my break.   It felt so good to bake cookies and lounge around, to indulge in this fabulous cocktail, and to catch up on last season's Downton Abbey.   Things are slowly getting back to normal around here, with the rogue cocktail and bits of Babka left over from New Year's Eve popping up now and then.   I mean, it would be too bad to say goodbye altogether to the merriment, no?
In the spirit of the new year, I'm in the midst of a big reorganization in the studio.  It's too much of a horrible mess right now to show you a picture, so I'll show you this... the in process view of this year's first sampler.  Thank You so much to everyone who has subscribed!  I am starting to address your envelopes this weekend, and can't believe just how many of you there are!   If you are still thinking of Subscribing, and would like to start out your year with Couching, the deadline to order is January 10th.        The first samplers will mail out on January 15th.  

I hope you all are having a great start to this year.  I feel really hopeful and good about it.  There's lots in store, and so many exciting possibilities.   It's cold here for the first time since 2011, and I'm amazed how much that has changed my outlook on life.  It feels so good to have cold cheeks!   I'm looking forward to more drawing, more eating, and more embroidery.  See you soon!