New Creativebug Video....Ornaments!

This workshop, which released today, is near and dear to my heart because it's a project based on one of my favorite places, my Grandma's house.  This is a house that in my mind is full of the happiest memories.....Thanksgiving, Christmas, Dress-Up, Chocolate Cakes, Sticky Buns, Chex Mix, Halloween Costumes pulled out of creaky old suitcases unearthed from creaky old closets.  I have dreams about this old house, and in them I am walking through it slowly, absorbing every detail, trying my hardest even while dreaming to remember everything about it.  It was full of closets and cupboards and treasures.  Stitching it felt really good.
This ornament is now hanging at my Grandma's new place.  I can't wait to see her for Christmas.....

I wonder, do you have a house?  A place that's full of special memories?  Where is it?  What would you embroider to commemorate it?  Who would you give it to?

PS- A few of you have been writing to me asking where to purchase Flower Thread.  I get it here: