Etsy Soho Timeline....and Bananagrams!

Here's a visual timeline from yesterday's art making adventure at the Etsy Holiday Pop Up Shop in Soho.  I worked all day on this piece in the window at 133 Greene Street, and all day, people stopped by and said Hi and peered through the window at the progress.  Isaac Mizrahi dropped by and peered in for awhile*  Sometimes New York is so weird and cool.

I am currently up to my eyeballs in preparations for Saturday's sale at PS321.  I'll have all the details and some pictures of the brand new Kits tomorrow.  If you're in New York, I hope you can come!  I'll be back first thing tomorrow with the winner of the big contest.  See you then.

 * Katy and I have a code-word for celebrity sitings, and it's bananagrams.  Whenever one of us sees someone famous, we say quietly to the other bananagrams! and keep on walking.  Katy always waits twenty seconds until we passed so that I don't make a fool of myself shouting "where? where?"  Like birdwatchers in the country, we entertain ourselves and our guests by keeping a running list of these sitings on our fridge.  I almost never am the one to spot a bananagram, and when I do, I can never remember who the heck they are or why they are famous, so yesterday, when I spun around and saw Mr.Mizrahi standing there staring in at me, I was triumphant.  I am more shocked that I recognized him that I am shocked that he was there.  Bananagrams!