Haystack Postcard

Waking up each morning to this view of the lobster boats heading out to sea from my cabin window sure started out my days on the right feet last weekend.  It was cold, that's for sure, but not as cold as I thought it would be.  Being surrounded by Mainers helped me put my own feelings about temperature in perspective.  Or, maybe it forced me to loose some of my street-cred.  I'm always the one in the room who is hot. Throwing off blankets in the night, and sleeping with the windows open all winter long. 

Armed with the weather forecast that predicted rain and nights with temperatures in the low 40's, I packed wool and hats and my down vest.  I brought hot hand warmers and long underwear and thick legwarmers, and I showed up that first morning with extra hot hand warmers for my students, happy to be bundled up.  I had, the hour before seen my own breath when I woke up.  Sliding open the classroom door, I expected to see everyone dressed similarly, as there is no heat or insulation at Haystack, but what did I see?  A group of Maine residents, sitting quietly embroidering in their shirts and jeans, laughing at me.  "Where are you going, skiing?"  

We had so much fun!  Thanks to everyone who came, and who gave in, to drawing and embroidering as fast as possible, all weekend long.  I'm so glad I got to meet you.

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