The After Pictures.....

I don't have any before pictures to show you.  After a summer of travel, it was much to embarrassing in here to release photographs publicly.  The best I can show you is an in progress view of piles.  Which is what I spent most of last week doing, sorting into piles that got smaller and then bigger and then smaller again before disappearing into boxes for the shelves, bags for the curb, armloads for the thrift stores, and packages to be mailed off to some of you.
Things have a way of getting messier before they get cleaner, you know?  Maybe it's just me, but I found myself wondering if these piles would ever get tamed.  Each time I thought I was finished, another box or two or three of embroidery surfaced, some that hadn't ever been unpacked since I MOVED TO NEW YORK!  Ugh, it was a big pain.  But it was worth it!
I stayed up late Saturday night putting the finishing touches in here, and today, Monday,  I feel like I've moved into a brand new space.  A clean one, with a lot less stuff and a lot more room.  I describe myself as a maximalist, but man am I excited to not be living with as much clutter!
I'm so excited to get to make work in here all year long.  Let's hear it for the long haul, and for hauling out the crap I didn't need anymore.....
Everything got the treatment, even my sketchbooks, that got labeled on the ends with dates for easy reference.  I cleaned out enough stuff to make an entire bookshelf available just for these, making them easy to reach for and flip through, and hopefully making my end of summer resolution to spend more time drawing easier to accomplish.

It's not perfect, but it's close!