A Big Reveal.......Creativebug!

I can't tell you how excited I am to announce that my trailer and first workshop is now live at Creativebug.   For months now, I've been waiting with baited breath to tell you all about the time I had  planning and filming a series of workshops in California, with Creativebug.
I have taught in all kinds of different situations, but never in front of a camera.  I was nervous, wouldn't you be?  But in the end, it was a total delight to spend a week with this amazing crew of creative people.  I felt at ease right away, as if I was teaching....which was the whole point....   From the minute I stepped on set and saw Courtney Cerutti's amazing backdrop, based on one of my samplers, I knew it was going to be a great week.  The energy at the Creativebug office and studio is so positive.  It was an exciting place to spend a week, and I came home feeling energized about my work.    Fernando, Jason, Pierre, Danny.....everybody....you guys are amazing, and it sure does pay to hang out with professionals.   Thanks for making me look so good.
The end result is pretty cool, too!  I am so excited that now I can teach you!  or you!  or you, over there, in South Dakota!  For years people have been writing to me asking if I have online classes, and today I can say YES!  Creativebug works kind of like Netflix, in that you pay a monthly subscription, and take all the workshops you want.  That means for one price, you can take my workshop, and Cal Patch's, and Jill Draper's, and Heather Ross's, and Natalie Chanin's, and so on.  You can take ALL of them!  Each workshop is divided into short segments, so you can do a little at the time, and go back and watch  if you need a second (or fourth) demo.

The first workshop of mine that was posted today is based on the original sampler, and covers almost twenty different basic stitches.  If you've been reading the blog for awhile and already have the sampler, here's your chance to crank up the air conditioner, and stitch away!
Whether or not you choose to become a member, I hope you'll take a minute to take a short tour of my studio. Click over to Creativebug's site, and hit "meet Rebecca."   The trailer was filmed in my Brooklyn studio and at one of my favorite Brooklyn places, Coney Island.   I dreamt about riding those swings for a long time, and I finally did it in a big way.  Katy asked me if I screamed like a little girl, and I most certainly did.  In fact, the actual little girls in front of me turned around and laughed because I was screaming so loud.  Was I scared?  A little, but just like filming these videos, it was really exciting.......I hope you like them.