Pining the air.....

In this summer of one teaching trip after another, a highlight was most definitely my long weekend at Squam.  As soon as we pulled off the interstate, I rolled down all the windows, hanging my head out like a golden retriever, smiling and breathing deep to smell the air. 
In the summer, New York City smells like, well, it doesn't smell good.   At all.   If you've never visited New York, please don't make your first trip in the summer.  And if you're wondering why all the travel for me in the warm months, read backwards.  
To breathe fresh air is such a delight.  To breathe fresh air that smells like pine?   Even better.   I was excited when Michelle asked me to host a giveaway of the latest Squam shop offering...a portable pine escape!   Heather Renz's beautiful handmade sachet's are in the Squam shop until mid August.  Put one in your drawer for a woodsy escape every morning, or leave it under your pillow to dream sweet woodsy dreams.  Leave a message here describing your favorite summertime smell, and I'll draw a winner Tuesday night, July 17th.    

My favorite summer smell?  Hands down it's a a pine woods.

P.S. For another chance to win, (hurry, ends Saturday!) check out my friend and fellow Squam teacher Jessica's blog.
P.S.S.- to read more about the sachets, and see Michelle's video, check out the Squam blog.

************* picked #4, so A+S, a Pine Sachet is coming your way!  I'll pass your info on to Squam's Elizabeth, and she'll tuck it in the mail to you soon. Congrats!