Artist I Love: Gwen Frostic

I posted a few pics last month from my trip to Gwen Frostic's studio in Michigan, but I'm back to show you a few more.   Going back there was like falling down the rabbit hole backwards in time.  I hadn't been  in at least a decade, and it really did feel like nothing had changed when my Grandma and I  walked through the mossy door.       

I half expected Gwen (gone since 2001) to be back amongst the presses, checking to make sure they were all doing what they should.  The studio has been open since 1964, and the charm of the hand hewn display shelves and bulletin boards covered in letters to Gwen from around the world more than make up for the dampness and worn boards.   

When I was a kid, my favorite part of going to the studio was visiting the nature study room.  During my recent visit it was closed due to storm damage, but they let me take a little peek in anyhow.   I took a few quick pictures of my favorite reading nook and a favorite book cover.   

If you find yourself in Western Michigan this summer, please make a stop in Benzonia to check out this hidden gem.  With any luck the nature study room will have been repaired and you can sit and watch the ducks and blue herons pass by through the window, imagining Gwen doing the same.    Arm chair travelers can visit Gwen's shop here.