Artist I Love: Jesse Harrod

Oh, Jesse.  We taught together at Ox-Bow in January, and we had a blast hanging out in the woods for a month.  I pulled out a  tin full of crayons and she had the same tin full of something else (I think we both collected cat tins in the 80's when cat tins were cool) and the copy cat ways of Jesse and Rebecca went on and on all month.  I'd say "I love Sequins!" and then she's say "Me too!"  She'd say I can't wait to go to Spandex World when I'm in New York City, and I'd say "Me too!"    I'd say, "let's take our class on a day long thrift shopping adventure," and she'd say "I'll fire up the pickup truck!"

We might not agree on the merits or demerits of making and analyzing handmade jam or blasting or not blasting Dar Williams or Patti Smith, but our speeds are about the same when it comes to a zillion other things.  I'm so glad she's my friend, and I'm so glad that I love her artwork.  It would be awkward if I didn't, you know?  Here's a sneak peek of some of her new work, click on over to her site to see more.....

P.S. Read her review of the experience of Ox-Bow here.