Hey everybody- I hope you all have a great weekend.  A very special guest is arriving at my house this evening, and I can't wait to shower him with New York goodness.   At the top of his list is the Statue of Liberty and Lula's Dairy Free Apothecary.  At the top of mine is sitting at the kitchen table and listening to his stories.   Before he arrives, I'm wrapping up a few loose ends, including the winners of this week's contest.  THANK YOU!  Thank you thank you, I'm so excited to sit down and look at each and every one of the links you sent for small shops and resources for thread, needles, kits, etc.  I promise that in time it'll all get compiled here.

Now, on to the giveaway WINNERS!  I used, and the two winners are numbers 2 and 17.  So, Juli and Liz, please send me your snail mail info so I can get your kits out!