Tradeschool Fun- Striped Documentation

I had so much fun teaching at Tradeschool yesterday- everybody came with so much enthusiasm and good energy.  There were a few first time embroiderers- and everybody went home learning how to do a bunch of stitches including the tricky bullion knot.  Way to go!  Thanks to everyone who came out and stocked my pantry with wine and chocolates and nail polish in exchange for learning how to embroider.   I liked it so much that I came home and proposed another class- this one based on my love of embroidered letters.  I think I'd better dig out my monogrammed fabric collection for the blog this week as inspiration.   Info on both of my upcoming Tradeschool classes is here.   I hope you can come to the next one!

UPDATE:  One of my Tradeschool classes is already FULL, but there is still room this Sunday....

*Thanks to my good friend Rachel for coming to yesterday's class and taking're the best.