TRADESCHOOL- an almost free Embroidery workshop....

I am so excited to announce that I will be teaching workshop this weekend as part of Tradeschool.  I found out about this unique collection of classes because they are hosting part of this year's workshops at MAD.   The classes are all based on a trade or barter system, which I LOVE.  As Katy says, I will walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and all the way to midtown if someone is giving something away for free.  While bartering is not "free" I love the idea of trading one skill for another.   I offer my skill (embroidery), and in exchange you bring something to trade in exchange for learning something new.   On my class page I made list of things that I would like in exchange for teaching.   My list includes olive oil, house plants, canning jars, and jade green nail polish. 

I hope you can come...the workshop is being held this Sunday afternoon at Essex Street market on the lower east side of Manhattan.     All materials will be provided.

Wooot!  Another class just got added, March 29th, 7-8:30 pm, at the Museum of Art and Design!  Bring chocolate!