Spring Cleaning the Shop- Sale!

Spring is here in New York, and in an effort to sweep the dust out of the corners, I'm giving the shop a makeover this afternoon.    Here in the physical "shop" in Brooklyn, I sorted through a pile of inventory and found a stack of the Cake Sampler printed on vintage floral cotton.   I re-listed them along with another blast from the past;  the Chain Stitch Sampler at their original prices.  Get them while they last, since those silk screens are no longer in existence.

In the spirit of the new season, please take 20% off everything in the shop with code SPRINGCLEANING  (no spaces, please.)  This code is good until April 1st.

While I was cleaning out, I decided that many of the listings were in desperate need of new photos, so I headed up to the roof this morning to reshoot most of my samplers for the shop. Here are some of the outtakes.....there are a bunch more posted on my facebook page.

80 degrees, but no green trees yet.....

Paisley Sun Tan
Pigeon Bouncer
PS- If you are Karen Gstundtner and you are reading this- Congratulations on winning a free copy of the Love Sampler in last week's drawing over at We Love French Knots!  Please send me an e-mail with your mailing address so I can ship that out to you.....