Brand New Squam!

The brand new, beautifully updated Squam Art Workshops website launched this morning.  I hope you'll check it out...I'm teaching there this Spring for the third time, and I couldn't be happier.   My first summer there I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was mostly knitting workshops, and I wasn't sure how my workshops would go over, but boy was I excited to find a generous, kinder than all get out crowd waiting to greet me.   It was the same this last spring, and I am already mentally packing up my things for next May.   

One of the best parts of the whole Squam experience are the cabins, each with its own little dock, fireplace, and ice box (chilled with ice harvested out of Squam Lake all winter).  Cozy conversations over wine and cocoa have taken place by the hearth every night that I've spent in these little cabins.    I took this picture through the screened in window on the sleeping porch where I made my home for the five days of workshops in 2011.  

You can check out my workshops directly here.   Hope to see you in New Hampshire!