The return of old faithful, and free shipping....

Since I started making these printed samplers, the one that has been the most popular, and most requested is this one; old faithful, the first one  that I designed and printed for the fair at Squam.  It was out of commission for awhile, but I decided to reprint it for the holidays, and it's back!  
I'm gearing up for a busy week this morning, but wanted to stop in and say hello.   It's Cyber Monday, and it's also the last day that I'm offering free shipping as well as a free Chain Stitch Sampler in my shop with every order.    Just use the code THANKSGIVING in the coupon box.   Order a kit, and I'll throw in a mistletoe sampler too. 

PS: Wage a guess at the stitches in last week's post for a chance to win a mistletoe sampler....contest extended until tomorrow morning!