On my Bulletin Board

My studio is covered on one big wall with three 4' x 8' sheets of connected homosote.  That's where my work in progress hangs, and gets taken off and put back over and over all week long.  Little bits and pieces of fabric and thread come and go and get sucked into new pieces all the time.
On another wall are two other bulletin boards, one covered in found crochet, and another covered in favorite things and artists.  It doesn't change so often.  I love having these touch stones on my way in and out the door of the studio.   A short list of what's included: a card for Carol Jackson's show at Gallery 411 in Chicago, one of the first things I ever embroidered, a postcard of one of my favorite Kerry James Marshall paintings, a handmade stitched birthday cake postcard from my friend Kate, a postcard artwork from my friend Alisha Wessler, photos of an amazing day with my favorite kid, my favorite *Atomic* needle case, a postcard from my friend Susie Brandt, an artwork from my friend Aviva Alter, a paper hand found at a Chicago thrift store, and a button that I bought the day after I met Michelle Obama.