For a while now, people have been asking me about offering the samplers as kits.  I wavered back and forth, not wanting to accumulate more stuff in an effort to produce something new.   I already have way too much stuff, you know?    Then, a few weeks ago when I was trying to decide whether or not to make them for the holidays, I cleaned out my studio.  I found what I bet a lot of you might find if you cleaned out your spaces; fabric.  Lots of it.   Way too much! (I got rid for five or six HUGE trash bags full of fabric before I moved to New York, how can this be?)  Among other things, I found a bunch of nice white cotton, and of course, lots of great vintage embroidery.  So, I noodled around one afternoon and came up with a pattern for making drawstring bags, and then sat down and cut out embroidery from a pile of vintage fabrics to make appliques.
From the piles in my studio to you, I'm introducing kits this year!   I am so happy to be able to make something in my studio into something useful for you. 
All the other pieces are here and I am ready to start shipping them out this weekend- earlier than expected!   Each kit contains a handmade bag sewn from 100% cotton and appliqued with vintage embroidery, a printed sampler of your choice, needles, 3 colors of embroidery floss,  a wooden hoop, and two embroidery needles.   I recommend adding your favorite embroidery book along with it.  My favorite how to guide fits nicely in the bag.  Enjoy!