Embroidered Crazy

I have a fondness for the crazy quilt.  This one peaked my interest years ago, and quickly won my heart to become my favorite object in the collection at the Art Institute of Chicago.  I mean, it wasn't a contest.  A whole quilt dedicated to a boxer?  It's too weird not to love completely.
I went to the new/old version of the American Folk Art Museum today with a heavy heart to see the second installment of their quilt show.  I was so saddened to hear their location on 53rd street closed.  It was one of my favorite places in all of New York; a quiet retreat from the chaos of 5th avenue.  My favorite things today at the Lincoln Square location were two crazy quilts.  Do you know what these stitches in red are? Or the same ones below in pumpkin?   I think they are some variation on the feather stitch, but please do pipe in if you've got the specifics.  Everyone who wages a guess here will be entered into a giveaway to win a free Mistletoe sampler.  Leave a link to a stitch diagram for bonus points!   I'll announce a winner on Monday afternoon, after the holiday festivities.
In addition, from now until then, I'm offering free shipping in my shop when you use the code THANKSGIVING.   Please do tell your friends.  I'll be offering another little surprise through my Facebook page later this week, so be sure to check over there before Friday if you're thinking of ordering. 

In the meanwhile, I'm off to keep on enjoying a week of feeling like a lucky tourist in this great city of New York with my visiting family.  Happy Holidays!