Brooklyn Beach Report

While sea weed floats and starfish were the highlights of my trip to San Francisco, glass bottles were the highlight of a recent trip to Dead Horse Bay here in Brooklyn, or Bottle Beach as it's more appropriately called.  You can read about the history of this interesting beach here.   I had read so much about this not so secret New York gem, and finally made the trip last week with a friend of mine.  The trip satisfied the part of me that is a scavenger, which has been itching for a search since leaving the midwest and its nirvana thrifting.
As you can see from these pictures, one section of the beach was mainly clear glass, while another was mostly big pieces of rusted metal, including this dinner set, washed together randomly by the ocean.  Also in this picture you can see a small piece of a clorox bleach bottle, which I found at least twenty of- including several that were still in tact.  It makes me wonder what people will be finding by the hundreds on beaches years from now, leftover from our generation.  Cell phones, dental picks, markers?  Will it seem as interesting as all these bottles did to me?
 I love the way these clear glass bottles had been arranged; they went on forever, stretching out further than I could walk in my mud boots.
A hand drill, the hot plate of a stovetop iron.  Can you believe this is in New York City?  After hiking through a bramble and emerging out onto a windy oceanfront, I sure felt like I was somewhere else.  It's a rare treat to be alone or nearly so in this busy city of mine, and it sure felt good to be out there searching and wondering about who all these things belonged to and what their own story of New York City (or Ireland, for that matter) was all about.   I'll show you my cleaned up sorted by color collection of bottles tomorrow.  It will come as no surprise to my friends that I brought WAY too many home.