See you in Rhinebeck?

After a summer of working in the studio and getting acquainted with New York City, I am really looking forward to teaching again.  While it is the first time (in nine years!) that I'm not sharpening my pencils and getting ready for a fall semester of teaching at a university, I am excited to be teaching so many workshops this fall.   There are links to all the locations on the right, and short class descriptions up top now.  I'm still having some blogger formating issues up in the Classes section, but the info and links are all there.  
Soon I'll be getting on the train and heading uptown to Pins and Needles for a two day sampler workshop, and the following weekend I'll get on the amtrak and head up the  Hudson to Rhinebeck to teach at Wing and Clover.  It feels good to be brushing off my favorite handouts and threading needles in anticipation of meeting some of you.  I hope you can join me.