Studio Clean-Up & Stoop Sale

I spent the better part of the weekend cleaning out the studio.  It felt good to uncover things that I had given up on ever finding and to sort through heaps and turn them into better organized piles.  All the pencils are with the pencils, and all the pens have found their way back to the pens.  The reds are together again, and so are all the greens.    One of the reasons I wanted to clean up was to make way for a desk space.  I turned one of my racks into the perfect spot for my laptop.  I cut a premade countertop into the perfect workstation using my scroll saw, attached it with clamps and viola!  A fourth work station dedicated to my computer in the studio.
 Rearranging always makes me feel brand new, like I've magically moved into a new home.  I love it.  After the desktop was in place, I spent yesterday afternoon tackling a huge basket of fabric that I hadn't sorted through since September.  Which means, if you're paying attention, that it was packed and moved across the country as a total mess.  Whoops.  HOWEVER, it is now organized! There was lots to throw out, but there was also lots that I can't hold onto but is too good to throw out.  So, in the spirit of Brooklyn, I'm hosting an online stoop sale to get rid of it all and share the love.
Photographed on a real Brooklyn stoop!
There are eight bundles of fabric, roughly organized by color and or pattern, including hand printed and dyed cloth, new and vintage commercial fabrics,  embroidery, misprinted samplers, and more surprises.  All the pieces included in the stoop sale bundles are big enough for projects, and perfect for adding a fun burst of handmade color to your summer.

Each bundle comes wrapped up in a small flat rate envelope, packed to the brim with goodness.  You won't be disappointed!  Check out the dropcloth facebook page for more pictures of the stoop sale goodies, or to buy one, head on over to the shop.