Carrots and Beets

One of the things that I can not get used to around here is the huge difference in growing seasons between New York and Chicago.  Maybe I should say New Jersey and Michigan.  I used to read food magazines in Chicago and think how stupid it seemed for there to be recipes for corn and peaches in July.  Didn't they know, I thought (eyes rolling), that it's cool to eat seasonally?  I mean, corn and peaches are a late August treat, a back to school phenomenon.  Well, I keep smacking my own forehead in amazement every time I head out to the farmer's market this summer.  Peaches and Corn in the middle of July?  It's pretty great, but I feel really disoriented.
This weekend I broke in my new canner with two batches of pickles.  Rosemary Carrots and Spicy Golden (and Chiogga) Beets.  Hard telling what they taste like, but I'll let you know in August.
I had so much fun making both batches.  It took the better part of Saturday, but I loved every single part of the process.   Pickling really appeals to the part of me that is a squireler.  I really like to tuck things away for a rainy day.  I'm not a hoarder, but I do love knowing that there are delicious treats waiting in the cupboard.  I love the possibility that I could eat them at any time, and I'm positive that most of the time this prevents me from eating them until it's just the right moment.  I was the kid who could make her Easter candy last until half way through the summer.